The Total Coffee Solution

We work across the entire value chain from seed to sip, delivering high-quality products and services at scale, consistently. Our total coffee solution includes private label roasting, branded coffee, world-class espresso equipment, data-driven support, category management and market insight. With global, regional and local expertise, we innovate and collaborate with many of Europe's most dynamic retailers and out of home operators.


We’re dedicated to using only the best quality coffee beans, grown sustainably by responsible plantations. Leading by example, in 1981 our first directly managed coffee plantation in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica was established. Eight years later, a second, Hawaii-based plantation followed.

With our first-hand insight and stringent quality checks throughout the production process, we are able to ensure that only the best and most sustainably grown green coffee beans are harvested and exported to our roasting facilities around the world. This exceptionally high level of quality is globally unique to UCC Coffee.

Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

We are professional and reliable coffee partners with international trade, origin and producers in all major coffee exporting countries. We forge long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships based on three key criteria: expertise, quality and consistency. Our Central Buying office is certified to meet the requirements of the BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers.


Our procurement of green coffee beans is conducted at our Group Buying Office in Geneva, where our dedicated, experienced and passionate team secure the best possible coffee grades at the best prices for our customers. Before being roasted at one of our leading commercial and specialty roasteries across Europe.

Coffee credentials, capsule innovation

At our Capsule Centres of Excellence, our coffee roasting credentials meet capsule innovation. This enables us to develop unique processes and technology to launch new products that revolutionise the market. Our compatible-capsules deliver superior performance and in-cup quality, while meeting the market’s demand for a full range of single-serve options.

Coffee excellence

We’ll work in partnership with you to craft and build a profitable coffee offer. We’ll listen, learn and understand the challenges and details that make your business special in the coffee landscape and what differentiates you from your competitors. We’ll use this information to shape a bespoke coffee offer that hits and exceeds your objectives. We'll develop you a blueprint plan for a better coffee service. We’ll do this thanks to our unique Total Coffee Solution model and our knowledge and experience of creating profitable, unique concepts for hundreds of operators. We’ll work with you to perfect your offer.

Category approach

We bring together data from various sources to monitor the market and keep ahead of the trends. We review the data, share the analysis and work in partnership with you to ensure you can position your offer based on real insight and great coffee.