We supply key French and European retailers as well as big roasters. Our customers include E. Leclerc, U, Monoprix, Metro, Waitrose, Lidl and Starbucks.


We develop and supply coffee in all formats: beans, roast & ground and compatible capsules, pads and pods in branded and private label packaging.


We put all our know-how to answer your request. We have a wide range of blends and packaging developed under strict quality standards. Together, in partnership, we will work on the most suitable solution for you to develop your brand whatever your position.


We meet the needs of out-of-home channel (Horeca, wholesalers, vending) by offering a range of  Campanini Coffees and related products (tea, chocolate, biscuits and tableware) and Grand Crü  for home consumption. Quality, innovation and support are our values and our focus.

UCC is an independent producer that is not associated in any way with any other capsule, pad or pod company.

Barista, premium or organic?

The Campanini brand is dedicated to professionals (cafés, hotels, restaurants) with a complete offer (coffee beans, roast & ground and single serve as well as an additional offers ( tea, chocolate, consumables, accessories and dishes). Our coffees are produced according to a traditional roasting method to offer you the best flavour and aroma.