In Switzerland, coffee knowledge is passed on to our customers via The Academy. Its range of interesting modules include: general coffee know-how, barista, brewing, sensory analysis or an individual course customised to your unique and specific needs.

Our team members are trained Baristas. They love coffee the way you love it. And they can answer almost any question about coffee.

Visit the Switzerland academy here to find out more.

With Coffee Excellence Checks, troubleshooting, video series, live reporting dashboards and practical training courses, COFFEEWORKS empowers you and your managers to take ownership of your coffee. And gives you the visibility and skills you need to serve exceptional coffee, every time.

The programme includes:
- The Coffee Excellence Check - A data collection tool that grades your site(s) performance against five core zones
- Becoming a Barista, Journey Through Coffee and Manager Critique practical training courses
- Practical guides, videos and troubleshooting
- Speciality Coffee Association Accreditation foundation, intermediate and professional diploma courses for baristas

Visit COFFEEWORKS to find out more.

With 17 training areas around Spain and 3 experienced baristas, it is one of the biggest Coffee Schools in Spain.

We also offer training videos to help you make the perfect cup of coffee whether it be an espresso, cappuccino or even an Irish coffee.

Visit Escuela de Café Templo to find out more.


Evelyn Rosa
Champion: Swiss SCA Cup Tasters Championship February 2018

Andre Eiermann
10th place World Barista Championship 2017
Winner: Swiss Barista Championships 2017

Gayan Munaweera
UK Cup Tasting Champion 2016
Winner: SCAE UK Cup Tasters Championship 2015


Frans Pyter Terpstra
UCC Coffee Benelux

André Eiermann
UCC Coffee Switzerland

Loïc-Marco Guélat
UCC Coffee Switzerland

Evelyn Rosa
UCC Coffee Switzerland

Gayan Munaweera
UCC Coffee UK & Ireland

Puri Varea
UCC Coffee Spain

Victor Rodríguez
UCC Coffee Spain

Sonia Santamaria
UCC Coffee Spain

Luz Higa
UCC Europe Head Office